Glorious Garden Rooms 

Craving More Space 

If your home is feeling cramped and you're craving more space, let Glorious Garden Rooms inspire you with creative solutions.  
We've witnessed countless transformations where our Garden Rooms seamlessly blend functional areas into one, such as productive home office space that becomes a cosy family haven, with lounge areas perfect for relaxation and activities, or a home cinema that blends with a hosting space.  
These are just a taste of what's possible with Glorious Garden Rooms. Let's reimagine your space together and make your dreams a reality. 

Add Value to Your Home 

Investing in a garden room can significantly enhance the value of your property. At Glorious Garden Rooms, we take pride in constructing all our garden rooms to meet Building Regulation standards. This ensures that the structures we build are of extension quality, transforming your outdoor space into a functional and livable area that adds tangible value to your home. 
Looking for something unique, We can Integrate that - Give us a Call 

Why we're great... 

10 YEAR GUARANTEE on all work 
10 Day Build Time 
We’re there start to finish  
Whether you’re still deciding, wanting to obtain planning, want answer or are ready to build. 

The Build 

Our build process starts with ground screw foundations, better than concrete due to little mess, 1 day installation, flexibility of uneven terrain but retains the sturdiness that will outlive the time you spend there.  
Followed by Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPS), Outshining Traditional brick and mortar or timber frame methods. SIPS are 7 x stronger than brick and mortar, up to 50% more energy efficient, air tight and made from sustainable materials. 

Design and Options 

We’re not like other garden room companies, we are willing to work with a number of quality materials, to either craft your space to blend with the rest of your property or to stand out like an art piece.  
During a meeting we will get to understand your needs, wants and inspiration, we will then design the floor plan and layout and adjust it until you’re completely happy at which point we proceed onto the design and finishes, handing you a CGI of your space allowing you to visualise it.  
We provide a number of options in every aspect of the build such as: Green Roofs, underfloor heating, Skylights to full smart home integration with wifi. To find out more contact us today. 
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